Quantum Geology is a technology company, that is researching artificial intelligence for gold exploration, to increase efficiency and success at finding gold.
Gold has a problem; global gold discovery is not keeping up with gold production.
Within Australia, over $600 million a year is being spent on gold exploration, with less then a 1% chance of success.
We believe there are big gold deposits to be found, but we need to change the way we look for them.
"There has been an 85% decline in gold deposit finds in the last 10 years. We really need to change how we look for these deposits. I really believe AI is the key to unlocking new, big gold deposits."
Warwick Anderson
Founder, Quantum Geology

The current methodologies have brought us only so far.

Tier one discoveries are there, and Artificial intelligence is the way to unlock them.

Quantum Geology is a system using a hybrid artificial intelligence to analyse huge amounts of geological data , and collate patterns in that data, that a human geologist would never see.

It is a system for rapidly generating exploration targets for gold, that compares the data of thousands of known deposits against data of areas to be explored.

It gives geologists more time in the field, in the right place.

It speeds up exploration & saves money.

Quantum Geology aims to be the leading provider of “as-a-Service”, cloud-based artificial intelligence solutions that enable exploration compaines to automate many of the GIS processes and functions to efficiently manage the various stages of an exploration program

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